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established on January 1993

ERBA/M.M is a company located in north of Albania, established on January 1993.It is specialized in the gathering and processing of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Our company has absolute control on the raw material so that guarantees can be given for a controlled of fresh crop material, traceability process, sustainability projects, for more than 50ha planted with Thyme, Lavander, Olive and Oregano and more than 50 different wild herbs certified in organic.Our company is developing year after year the amount of pure organic products exported, which are more than well-perceived by our customers.Our market has been over 70% exporting into the Europe, countries like Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands etc. and 30 % to USA and Asia. Our operating covered space is about 2.500 m2 with a fixed staff of 20 employees and more than 120 seasonally.Ongoing investment in technology, state-of- art machinery, qualified staff and following closely the latest demands and trends, is our priority. ERBA/M.M trades more than 120 kinds of herbs. Here are included wild dried flowers, leaves, fruits,berries and roots requested by the market and grown in wonderful Albanian pure nature.

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CERES offers certification for organic farming and food processing

CERES offers certification for organic farming and food processing, for organic textiles, for Good Agricultural and Good Manufacturing Practices in the food industry, and also certification according to several agricultural sustainability standards:

the whole production chain is followed by our qualified staff and sometimes personally by our.
President Kujtim Keka

Pleasure in the job

puts perfection in the work

Up to 28 years of experience
more than 50 HA different wild herbs certified in organic
Up to 120 Divers Bio Product