Cynosbati fructus is the false fruit of Rosa canina L. (Rosaceae), also called in Romanian rosehip. Rosehips contain as active ingredients 500-1000% vitamin C, 600-10.000 mg% carotenoids, pectins, dextrins, vitamins B2, E, PP, flavones (rutozyd, hyperozyd), carbohydrates, organic acids (citric, malic), tannins, volatile oil (linalol, geraniol, citronelol, nerol), vanillin, triterpenic saponosids, beta-sitosterol, fat substances (lecitin, glycerides of fat acids in seeds), minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron). In terms of precipitations and tempreature the specialized literature situates the rosehip in the category of xerophyte species with low humidity requirements and that do not bear the soils with stagnant water. Water requirement is mainly in the spring months before flowering and early August. High atmosphric humidity has a negative influence on the vitamin C content. The measurements made on atmospheric humiduty, including precipitations, air temperature, geographical exposition, relief slope revealed the fact that rosehip grows well even on wet soils, with northern and northwestern exposition, the result consisting in fruit with qn important content of vitamin C.

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