The plant can reach heights between 15 and 60 centimeters. The stem is erect and reddish in color, with a quadrangular shape and covered with a fine down.


The leaves are 1-2 centimeters long, with a short petiole, lanceolate or linear and slightly arched. The margin can be whole or notched. They are covered with very small glandular hairs, responsible for the production of the aromatic essence that characterizes the smell.


The flowers are numerous and grouped in spherical verticils , with a diameter of 1-2 centimeters, which form at the base of the leaves. The calyx is small and made up of four lobes that are not very different from each other. The corolla is pink in color and 4-6 millimeters long. Flowering occurs in the summer, between the months of May and September.

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